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ZepKraft 2.0


Welcome one and all to the thread about an exciting, challenging, and fun server named ZepKraft.

ZepKraft is a new and growing Tekkit server. Zepkraft does not have the mod equivalent exchange enabled due to the fact it ruins servers with lag or destroying the economy. ZepKraft has several worlds which will each allow you to experience something new and exciting. The server has a regular Tekkit main-world along with a Creative world. We have a challenging and intense economy that stays balanced due to the lack of EE and the presence of competing companies. Apart from all of this we have made a WORLD of PvP Arenas for those that wish to have some extra excitement. Winning in a PvP event on this world can reward you very nicely, but of course you have to win before you can even start to wonder what the reward will be for that event. (The PvP world is a work in progress, it will be available soon!)

We like to pride ourselves on the challenge we present to users. We have a user shop, but you can only buy raw materials and for a price that is probably way too steep. It is meant to be used as an emergency shop. You can only sell Cobblestone and Scrap at the shop. This is to allow for a user driven market. We have an entire market region where you can rent plots at spawn to place your shops. There are three different sizes. We also like to encourage our users to create companies and advertise them on our website. This server is like no other. We do not have Towny or Factions due to the fact that we want our server to be Market based and Market based alone.

We do have protection, which is something we know a lot of people look for in a server. However, with the complexity of Tekkit it is hard to ensure that every mod is protected against in regards to griefing. For this reason we have plug-ins installed that will roll back your area if you are griefed. Our staff works really hard to ensure that you are happy! We are very strict with regards to spamming, begging, griefing, etc. We have low tolerance for any of these things as to create a good environment for all our users.

Come join us and let us know what you think about our server! We'll be waiting for you!

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