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Oblivion Tekkit Legends || PVP/Raid/Grief


Oblivion Voltz

After long weeks of dedicated hard work we have created a server that is great for everybody! With almost every bug fixed to give you a better experience. We have also gone out of our way to ensure the server will stay at 20.0 TPS 24/7.


Great Uptime
NO Banned Items
Bugs Patched
No Lag
Stable Economy


Intel Xeon CPU
1 GBPS Connection
Solid State Drives

Vote rewards:

$750 Cash
5 Diamonds
4 Yellorium
16 Steel
16 Bronze
16 TNT
1 Aeternalis Fuel
2 Mobius Fuel
5 Credit Points

Join today and this will be the last Tekkit Legends server you will ever play on!

Possibly the best tekkit server there is, I cannot find a better one myself!
Posted 11th Jan 2020
I personally haven't played alot of Tekkit mainly just Voltz. What I have dont though is always play on Oblivion servers on both Voltz servers so I imagine this being roughly the same and since I loved both servers this is surely going to follow.
Posted 27th Sep 2019
This is the only Minecraft modpack I play now because it's so GREAT, I got so excited when I heard that this was coming out because, like everyone else, I was getting a little bored of the regular Voltz. The people here are great and helpful and we all get along from what I've seen...besides the occasional raiding of course.
Posted 14th Sep 2019
The best place to go for an enjoyable Legends experience. The playerbase is friendly and helpful, and the staff team is eager to assist as well.
Posted 13th Sep 2019
Tekkit legends is a modpack that most people know if you want a good experience I 100% recommend this server not only it has plugins the community is always here to ask questions if your looking for a server join this one ;D
Posted 11th Sep 2019
Awesome server played on it tons everyone should join!
Posted 8th Feb 2019
To be honest, the owners and managers of OBNW have done a phenomenal job with their servers. The fact that they have 3 servers running and can manage all of them with a large player base just amazes me.
Posted 5th Feb 2019
Haven't played much on this server to be completely honest but now but with it being apart of the whole OBNW network then I know for a fact that everyone is talkative friendly and staff are amazing!!
Posted 2nd Feb 2019
the server's pretty dank. May not have many people on it, but its fun to be able to not have to worry about being raided too often. Love all the different mods and the community's pretty cool too.
Posted 31st Jan 2019
mental server insane godlike
if you join this server I swear on my momma you will get women
Posted 31st Jan 2019
Amazing server! Barely any banned items. 100% uptime. What more could you ask for?
Posted 30th Jan 2019
Haven't played on a lot on this server, but I already know that this server is like the entire OBNW network, extremely friendly and helpful!
Posted 24th Jan 2019
Not much can really be said that's not that it's an amazing server with an amazing playerbase and that you'll have an amazing time if you join us on OBNW's Legends server!
Posted 20th Jan 2019
This server has an amazing player base and great atmosphere. As usually performing to the overall amazing standard of the oblivion network servers :).
Posted 8th Dec 2018
Staff are very nice on this server. I think it is a reason people keep coming back to it. Very friendly player base, as well. I encourage you to play on this server today!
Posted 14th Nov 2018
I have played on this server for around a year and I have had an amazing time, everyone is very friendly and staff are very helpful.
Posted 29th Oct 2018
I have been playing Oblivion Networks for 3 years, i can say without a doubt in my mind that it is the best Oblivion Networks has the servers out there!
Posted 29th Oct 2018
Great server. Friendly staff. Accepting and friendly community who welcome you to the server and help you out if your stuck on a problem. I recommend this server.
Posted 27th Oct 2018
I have played on all of Oblivion Networks servers and by far this is the best community I have ever been a part of! I make sure to get on every day just to say hi to the staff and other players. If you ever need help everyone is so willing to help out!
Posted 12th Oct 2018
A great server for a great mod pack! Cannot begin to explain how great this server is!
Posted 26th Jul 2018
I get on the server with a buddy of mine and play for a good 2 hours. I finally gather the materials to make a mining turtle because I love coding and it can mine for us while we do other tasks. The second I craft it, low and behold it's banned. How can this be, the server says no banned items? I'm sick of servers advertising no banned items and turning around and banning them. The false advertising and click bait is what prompted the rating this server is receiving. Maybe next time you will be truthful with your branding.
Posted 15th Jul 2018
Best server there is, highly suggest it. There is no lag and high fps all around.
Posted 26th Jun 2018
Best server i have played. next to no lag and a amazing community would suggest to anyone in need of a server.
Posted 9th Apr 2018
This is a great server. The staff and community/playerbase are really helpful and encouraging. There is very little if no lag what so ever.
Posted 30th Mar 2018
Very friendly environment. great players staff and community. Great server would definitely recommend for people to play.
Posted 27th Mar 2018