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Infinity Gear, PVE, Tekkit 1.2.9G


Tekkit 1.2.9G

Player vs Environment! (PvE)

Minimalist banned items list!

Easy to Use Claiming system via Golden Shovel (GriefPrevention)

Fully functional, fairly balanced economy

The Galacticraft moon and Mars !

Space Stations are allowed!


The top voter of the month gets the next tier of donator rank automatically :)

Server Specs:

High capacity processors: 4 core Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3 3.4 GHz
32 GB memory
160GB Intel solid state drives (SSDs)
Multiple 15K SAS drives in RAID 10 on a hardware disk controller with 512 MB of battery-backed memory
1 Gbps port
5000 GB transfer

Twas a good server, however i do not recommend losing an item, other than that the server was good, the staff have nice personality's and are quite nice, they don't ask for people to like them, they pretty much just help you when you need help.
Posted 11th Apr 2017
This server actually has a lot of great people and it has a nice helping staff. Not a lot of people will get mad at others and you can actually play tekkit and not have to leave the servers mid gameplay
Posted 18th Mar 2017
Servers junk, Owners are crap.
Staff cheat and steal player items.
Lag lag lag
Join a real Tekkit experience on condemned
All else are crap.
The server replied:
I'm sorry you feel this way, but i'm sure you have never been on my server in anyway, and owner is crap so is the staff, people join and get banned for almost no reason at all, and im 99% sure you are rush, the owner of posting a false review , my server has better specs than your crappy dual core 4GB of ram home PC, TPS is always so low that u removed being able to see TPS on that server for normal players, Edit: why on earth would a staff member steal players items? and i know this is a lie because you said players items and not your own, Staff can spawn in their own items why would they want yours?
Posted 16th Mar 2017