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Premium-Tekkit - TEKKIT LEGENDS
Want a fun, well-staffed, honest server to enjoy Tekkit Legends on? Premium-Tekkit is the place for you!


We feature multiple dimensions to build in and explore, custom terrain, large unique builds, donation options, voting rewards, claims to protect your land, mines for resource gathering, and many more features! Our staff are trained and disciplined, and will always help you out as best they can, and keep the peace on the server. We do not allow cheating, and our experienced staff and advanced plugins quickly remove and cheats. World Anchors are available by donation, and no other obtainable items have been banned.

We we're gone for 2 weeks on vacation , come back on the server to find our base and the entire spawn area blown to bits. Lost all of our resources, building materials, gems, machinery , ores and gems .
Very Very upset since we had quite a bit gathered.
Posted 14th Jul 2019
I have recently started playing on this server and would be interested in a staff position.

As well as this I have at least 5 other people who would like to play which would mean we would need to upgrade the max players to at least 10 for them all to play and start to build a community.

Add me on Discord to talk: aNg3r#5589

MC User: _aNg3r_
Posted 4th May 2019