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Play on Bedcraft, join the community!

The Bedcraft FTB Ultimate server has been running since 2013, and has been worked on since then to optimise gameplay. We have sunk years into this server to ensure there is no lag or griefing; we have several custom made plugins designed to achieve this.


Join and prove us wrong.

What servers do we have?

Tekkit Classic (MC 1.2.5):

This is the original modpack, the one that started them all. The server we have built for this modpack has most of our custom plugins have been re-created specifically to work with this server in mind. There is absolutely minimal items banned / functions disabled.

FTB Ultimate Classic (MC 1.4.7):

This modpack is a classic by definition of the word. This is the modpack that FTB have tried to re-release twice already (FTB Resurrection & FTB Ultimate Reloaded) but unfortunately neither of the packs could do it justice.
FTB Ultimate is a very tech-based pack, being one of the first modpacks to introduce 'Gregtech' and forever changed how Minecraft modpacks are. It's as revolutionary of a modpack as Tekkit Classic.

Technic TPPI (MC 1.6.4):

This was originally a Reddit modpack which was designed by people who were enthusiastic about making a well rounded good modpack; and oh boy.. they did. This pack is absolutely filled to the max with mods, a wonderful combination of magic and tech; while staying well balanced.
This modpack is yet another classic and needs more attention, the server we have built for this is the best; and here's why.
We have:
A custom quarry world!
Customised ore generation
Pre-generated overworld

Agrarian Skies (MC 1.6.4):

This is the original modded Skyblock pack that started the rest. Has a fun quest line to follow and is generally a basic and fun pack; especially when playing with friends.

FTB Infinity Evolved (MC 1.7.10):

We have set this modpack to Expert mode, making the game much more challenging to play through. This gives for a very different modpack experience which isn't as straghtforward as the rest. This pack has a great variety of mods installed which have all been re-balanced by the FTB team.
This server has been completely optimised to battle lag, both the Overworld and Twilight have been pre-generated sp that there is minimal lag on the server. If you join the server and experience lag; report it. I will look into it.

Thought it was a good server. Tried classic but soon noticed flas like no staff on an dcleaning without warning so lost quite a lot. Then worst no invent keep on death so lost all due to 1 creeper and i ahd quantum dosent add up so this ios not a server for me sadly. They write they have a discord but nowere to be find
Posted 22nd Apr 2023