This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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What is Dope Block?

Dope Block is THE MOST AWESOME survival Tekkit server, with griefing and raiding allowed. We have a number of different ranks, obtainable by the PaidRanks plugin and also available to purchase on our Buycraft. We are always looking to take on new staff members, so if you're interested in joining the team simply play our server. We monitor players to see if they would make a good member, if you do we'll contact you via in game mail system.

We give our player A LOT to play with, and to make sure they have a good time playing with us We have planned to add a lot more fun plugins, puzzles, parkours and more to keep everyone busy! We also love getting suggestions on new ideas that you want to see within the server! Simply log in, join the server and type /mail send StonedWasp

Plugin List

We have a number of plugins, and are constantly editing and adding new plugins to make our server a better, more fun place of everyone!

Buycraft - You can buy items, ranks, money and more! via Paypal.
ChestShop - Allows you to create shops, and re-stock shops when empty.
ChopTree2 - When chopping the bottom log of a tree with a diamond pickaxe it cuts down the whole tree.
Citizens - NPC villagers (mostly for when we install a quest plugin)
Factions - Create a clan, recruit members, battle other factions and claim land!
iConomy - Want to stand out? Become the richest player in Dope Block! or use money to buy blocks/items.
LWC - Worried about those pesky theifs? Worry no more, you can now protect chests, doors, gates and more!
mcMMO - Rank up in certain skills to unlock advantages in a paticular skill
PaidRanks - Use your iConomy balance to rank up and access extra commands and features.
PayDay - Play for 12 hours and earn 50 Dope Bucks every time! (VIP earn triple the amount)
Prayer - Pray to the almighty Notch to be granted powers (available every 12 hours)
Quickhouse - Exploring and its getting dark? No need to worry, with a quick command you can set up a tent and be safe for the night!
TreasureChest - As mention above, contains a random amount of treasure in every chest!
Turnstile - Charge other players money or items to enter your base, house, facilities etc.
Votifier - Vote each day for our server and receive a gift!

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