This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Oxencraft [Factions, 23-slot, 24/7]


Welcome to Oxencraft, a tekkit server where there is no griefing allowed and lwc to protect your doors, chests and machines from being opened. We currently have 23 slots and are a server hosted in the us. We could use some more staff but the only way to be elligable to be staff is if you played for around 6 days then you can apply. The server costs 7 bucks a month (but I will be upgrading it) so donations are needed and greatly appreciated. We have factions so you can be in a group with your buds and no one can hassle blocks if it's claimed.

Donators can get a theater with the movie "Star Wars: A new hope" playing for them! Want to see? Ask the owner (hoodedone11) to watch the movie at spawn! it's too epic


  1. Do not swear (we have noswear so 3 strikes your out!)
  2. Quarries cannot be larger than 15x15, and found will be destroyed + temp ban for 1 day
  3. Be nice to other players
  4. No griefing or else a Permanent ban is coming your way!
  5. Don't spam, we have spamguard
  6. Don't argue with staff over rules because normally they are right

BANNED ITEMS: (for no grief)
-RM Hammer, Shovel
-DM Hammer, Shovel
-Hyperkinetic Lens, Destruction Catalyst, Catalytic Lens
-Mining Laser
-Ring of Ignition
-Zero Ring
-Ring of Arcana
-Watch of Flowing Time
-NUKE (thank god)

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