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Tekkit Universe

Tekkit Universe Spawn - Seasonal

Tekkit Universe Spawn - Seasonal

Welcome to the Tekkit Universe server!
TU Main warps

TU Main warps

This is a display of the more important warps and features!
Tekkit Universe Buy and Sell sho

Tekkit Universe Buy and Sell sho

Buy or Sell any of your items at this beautiful store!
Tekkit Universe Events! *Parkour

Tekkit Universe Events! *Parkour

There is an amazing events warp that consists of multiple awesome events to cure your boredom! This includes builds like Parkour, Maze, and the soon to come Spleef and TNT run


Tekkit Universe is a server with a growing community and an active staff team. With the new ownership come both the new, and the old. We have implemented new plugins and made changes to the existing ones, allowing unlimited use of EMC Farms!

Being 1st on the most popular Tekkit Classic server, we know alot about player satisfaction having very active and helpful staff, and a dedicated owner :P

  • New /ar ranks and lower time requirements
  • Custom Builds
  • Dedicated host
  • Active staff from multiple time zones
  • Friendly server & players
  • Few Banned items
  • Use items without rank restrictions

Drop on by and see what you think!

Excellent staff and player community. Good economy and ways to make money and a very stable and performing server!
Been playing Tekkit classic for a couple of years and this is top of the list!
Posted 23rd Apr 2019
Best server ive seen on this website yet
theres almost no players on the server though
Posted 17th Apr 2019
Its a good server
butt maybe no timer delay
Ps. Join this server :D
Posted 27th Oct 2017