This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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The Kookie Role! A no banned items server!


Development build! No whitelist! No banned items! PvP! We have a currency system. You get money by killing mobs! Griefing and stealing is allowed! NO BANNED ITEMS! NO TRUSTED+!

In the future we hope to make a trusted rank that will have access to /back that will be the only bonus of being trusted. But we haven't made it yet so my advice is you go get some respect from the admins so you can get it C:

IMPORTANT - For some reason when trying to connect let it will say "Can't reach server" Once it says this just click the refresh button and it should allow you to connect!

ALSO - We are looking for mods / admins. You must be a dedicated player to qualify!

REALLY IMPORTANT - I'm to lazy to change the banner to have the right ip... So make sure you use not the one on the banner!

Hope to see you there! -Birdie409

(Owner - Hirole, Admins- Birdie409, The_Chewbaka, Rav3enHat)

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