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PancakeClassic | Crates | Golden Shovels

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Our Players!

Our Players!

We do not lie to our players. What you see in the TSL description is what you get. Unbanned items, great staff and a great community. The people in the photo buried us with begs to join the photo in honour of the server. Credit to our lovely players <3
Our Games!

Our Games!

Towny is one of the oldest and best games that is to offer. We also home Factions(PvP) and Skyblock. Both great games, too.
Our Home!

Our Home!

Our spawn wasn't downloaded online. We don't want it to be impressive or flashy. One of our owners created it to show everyone that we, including the owners, are willing to put many hours on creating things for the server.
Our Effort!

Our Effort!

We care about everyone that plays on the server. Each member of staff shows love and care for the players. Our staff hand-decorated each of the world spawns in celebration of the Christmas holidays.


Who are we?

We are PancakeClassic. We are a Tekkit Classic server that offers loads of custom, fun plugins, fair rules, great staff, 99.9% uptime, 20 TPS and custom patches.

What else do we offer?

We offer the ability to climb the ladder to become the best. We have balanced ranks and donator ranks. We also offer 24/7 support through Discord. A lot of servers do not allow this, but we allow EMC machines! This means you can generate EMC through bugs left in the game.

I need help on the server! What do I do?!

We have a great staff team, full of people who are excited and thrive to make your gameplay as great as possible! We also have lots of information offered on our forum! Can you still not find what you need? Well, you can always just ask around on the forum, or server.

We have no banned items! We are proud of this achievement!

We are always working on adding more features to our server.

See you on!

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