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PancakeTekkit | Survival Network

Our Players!

Our Players!

We do not lie to our players. What you see in the TSL description is what you get. Unbanned items, great staff and a great community. The people in the photo buried us with begs to join the photo in honour of the server. Credit to our lovely players <3
Our Games!

Our Games!

Towny is one of the oldest and best games that is to offer. We also home Factions(PvP) and Skyblock. Both great games, too.
Our Home!

Our Home!

Our spawn wasn't downloaded online. We don't want it to be impressive or flashy. One of our owners created it to show everyone that we, including the owners, are willing to put many hours on creating things for the server.
Our Effort!

Our Effort!

We care about everyone that plays on the server. Each member of staff shows love and care for the players. Our staff hand-decorated each of the world spawns in celebration of the Christmas holidays.

Pancake Tekkit

What can we offer you?

We can offer you, the player, a great experience in Tekkit Classic. We offer custom content and patches to optimise your gameplay, and keep the game interesting, fair, and exciting. We have a fully trained staff team that can answer any question you have. If a member of staff does not have an answer, then we have our own Wikipedia on standby that can answer it. We also have a Discord server that has support channels and a custom bot that has real convenient commands like to check the server status, check to see who are on the servers, and even display the staff on the server. Why not come on and take a look?

What features do we have?

We offer a staff system that goes unrivaled to any other. We are fair with our recruiting and we make sure to train people well.

We hold competitions, events, and also giveaways. These things make sure that we stay immersed with the player.

We have player and donator perks that are balanced and reasonably priced.

We offer 24/7 support via Discord, the server, and our website, so there is never a grey area for the players.

We have several survival servers that are tailored to the player. Factions for PvP, Towny for a more peaceful survival, Classic (featuring GriefPrevention) for those who want a better Tekkit Classic survival gameplay, and we also offer Skyblock for those who seek a challenge with gathering resources.

We have no banned items!

We have spent a long time optimising and patching Tekkit Classic so there are little-to-no bugs to worry about. This also means that you, the player, can enjoy everything that Tekkit has to offer.

Current Changes:

We have just reset the server so the maps are clean, there is a new look to the server, and the players are more excited to play than ever!

See you on!

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