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Just a little Tekkit server for people to enjoy our staff isreally friendly and helpful and I have had lots of positive reviews:
Owner: Biggsy1968 & Co-Owner: Bigkarlos
Mayor: Delboylives
Head-Admin: Vacilentbowl & Co-Head-Admin: Ronocthecool
Head-Moderator: Bobafer24 & Co-Head-Mod: Coolboy369
Head-Op: Ninja_Elite_101 & Co-Head-OP:Gavsenior1

Bigkarlos says:
The good things about the server are the friends you make along the way and the freedom you have to enjoy yourself.
Also the help along the way like making houses for others and making the Tekkit experience more fun. We have so many people who are friendly and aren't complete and utter "noobs" I have had so much fun and becoming an op and going up the ranks to become a Co-Head-Mod I first found this server and from the way it was made and the help from admins was amazing I truly new it was gunner be the best server I have found yet. :)

There is not many bad things to say about this server apart from the grief and sometimes childish play from ops de-opping you and banning you for nothing. but I really enjoy the
Banter I really don't take in any insults which is why I am a choice for a co-owner because I have gone up 3 ranks from normal to op to head-op then co head mod, please Try stop the grief and stop making Ops because we have to many. :)

If you have any questions email me biggsy1968@

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