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BearCraft, Voltz


The rules for my server are simple. Do NOT build within 100 blocks of spawn, (house will be destroyed) Do NOT exceed 5000 Blocks from spawn! (i suggest you put a waypoint on join!) Do NOT bomb Spawn. Spawn will be protected to the best of my ability against bombs. still DONT No spawnkilling or killing within 50 blocks of spawn, Basically, let newbies go... (sorry murderers) No redmatter/AntiMatter. No Duplication Exploits and what not. No Cheats, Exploits and that^...

Have Fun and Dont be rude..

my server will be up on weekdays at: 3:10PM to atleast 9pm CST. This may change (most-likely more time) It will also be up on the weekends "usualy" more

I to will be playing survival as well when im not building!

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