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Tekkit Legends by Nithlus


I made this server for myself to play because all the servers I found had too much going on distracting from just getting to play the pack. I have tried to make it easy to just get started but i've not skimped out on safty features. I have land protections, locks, rollback plugins and reporting plugins to keep players creations as safe as possible.

Also i've added some extras that i thought would be fun such as arenas, economy, shops, ranks to earn extra normal abilities and more.

All of this is optional though, you can simply join and play without ever needing to worry about any of that mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy the server as much as me.

Great server, fully happy with the performance and playing experience. However there are a few issues:

- Tiny world border. This means many biomes like Jungles are inaccessible which really limits gameplay, and makes full expansion into mods like Forestry very difficult

- Problems with the Private Chest plugin. When playing with friends, this means that you are unable to share use of chests

- No /rp command. This makes it difficult to start the game fresh

- No lobby. It is hard to find your way around the server with this

- No voting rewards. A system like this would encourage people to give the server a high rating

Were these issues to be fixed the server would hands down be 5 stars, but as they are relatively unnoticable while playing for the most part I have rated 4. I look forwards to seeing if these changes are to be made

Posted 2nd Dec 2018
I just tested this one. It is no command like /home so a bit ruff as it is now. Also the random warp would be nice to have.

It can be something to play if this two asking is fixed.

Posted 6th Sep 2018