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Tactical Universe TekkitLegends

Tactical Universe TekkitLegends


Hello and Welcome to Tactical Universe!

Just a bit of Info about us...
This server was started by EliteMasterPro in the beginning of 2016. Ever since then we have worked on and expanded our servers and community. We have great staff that would be glad to help you whenever you need help the most. We are running a fresh map as of 4/01/16 and everything is setup to your convenience. All worlds such as Nether, End, Quarry World, Twilight Forest, Deep Dark get reset Once a Month to ensure that you can have an easier time trying to find the items you need in those dimensions. Just be sure that you take your items out when the worlds do get reset because once its reset we can no longer refund your items.

Servers We Have Open are:

Infinity Normal Mode 2.4.2: Check Website for update

Infinity Expert Mode 2.4.2: Check Website for updates

Another way to join our staff and Community is by joining our Steam Group:

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