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Blackfrog Tekkit Classic


Blackfrog 2.0 is the rebirth of our old Tekkit Classic Server! If you have visited before - welcome back! If you are new, why don't you pop along and check out the amazing time you can have here! We have an incredible community, thanks to you guys! We have a functioning website which is constantly being updated with information regarding the server, as well has an area for you to talk to your friends and view other people's interesting stories! Our server is designed so you can build by yourself or with friends, without griefers coming along and breaking what you have built. We have custom anti hack, so expect no dodgy griefers, only a few banned items to keep you on your toes and not to make the game too easy. But don't worry, collectors, solar panels and energy condensers are still in game!
Come along and meet our team!

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