This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Minecord Tekkit Network 1.6.4


We are a new server hoping to grow, We are hosted in 2 locations to give your side a better experience!
If you're from USA its recommended you use to connect, If you're from Europe its recommended you use to connect.

Who are we?
We are a new emerged Tekkit Main (1.6.4) server with a range of fun things such as;

  • Computer Craft (Enabled and Lockable)
  • SpaceSatations (For Everyone)
  • Quarries (For everyone + Landmarks with earned ONLINE TIME ranks!)
  • Ontime Ranks (Rankup with time online the server)
  • Golden Shovel Anti Grief (Protect Land!)
  • LWC (Lock everything from doors and default chests to Modded Chests and ME and Reactor Stuff!)
  • Amazing Starter packs,
  • Kit Starter (Full Chain Protection II unbreaking II and 128 Grilled Pork and Enchanted Sword)
  • Kit INGOT (32x ALL INGOTS INGAME! WOW!) (Great starter pack!)
  • More Starter Packs, Daily etc...

We like to give players the best start as a possible and with packs like this anything is possible!

Why us?
We deliver a great 24/7 limited lag gaming experience, Currently in Beta bugs are possible, But given the Owner and Admin and experienced in Mods any bug is fixable! We also as said give great packs for you to rome the world and build something from a small house to a huge kingdom with friends and not to worry about grief or raiding. We have a developed grief checking and roll back plugin and we can fix and sort anything of your needs, The staff is reliable and if you don't get a response in 7 minutes of asking a question you'll be compensated as of server regulations. We don't allow bullies or plain old nasty people in the community, We try to develop a nice atmosphere for everyone. We follow rules accordingly and will never allow rule by-passers to remain un-punished. We hope you enjoy our experience and just play safe and have a laugh!

We hope you enjoy your time and just plain and simply have fun!

I LOVED it. i got the 2nd highest rank I played it everyday... until the server went down. Still it was a great server I loved it and best server ive ever played
Posted 9th Oct 2016
Superb, this server is just amazing, continuous updates every week, active owner and different game play servers are added every week, the only reason why I enjoy tekkit is because of the unlimited features this amazing server has, brilliant work, Brecon, keep it up. Also, unlike most tekkit servers starting out is simple and easy with some epic starter packs to get you ready to get you some machines to start! Love the server with a passion.
Posted 17th Jul 2016
I love this server because of its relatively small player traffic. Its nice to not have to worry about fighting for space or constantly running into malevolent players.. I like that the in-game shop is inexpensive, allowing me to not have to worry about all the resource grinding and get straight to building my glorious creations. The only complaint is that I am unable to build any space stations, but that's only one part of the game and can be avoided (Last time i built a space station, it bugged my game so i could not play at all) But overall its a great server and it's the only reason i still play Tekkit, or minecraft at all.
Posted 13th Jul 2016