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Tekkit version: 3.1.2

Dreamscraft is a server which aims to bring the best possible Tekkit and Minecraft experience, while still maintaining challenge, variety and a strong community. Dreamscraft is filled with the some of the best plugins bukkit has to offer, allowing players to create towns and nations, rent and setup their own shop and have their containers protected automatically upon placement amongst several other features. We also aim for 24/7 uptime.

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Connecting to Dreamscraft is extremely easy! If you haven't already, simply download the Technic Launcher and choose the Tekkit modpack - ensure that you are also using the version of the modpack which corresponds to the version we are running server side. After that, simply use our above IP to connect to the server as you would normally.

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Dreamscraft is equipped with a versatile and fun town system in which players can create towns with protected regions, join towns into nations, own personal plots and more. Towns can claim 8 16x16 areas per resident, which are protected from damage or change from outside members, unless changed by the town mayor. This allows players to develop their empires and structures without being disturbed by outsiders.

All players also receive free automatic private protection upon the placement of most containers, such as chests or IC2 machines. This prevents other players from opening, destroying or looting your property. To remove a lock from a container, do /unlock. To add others to your private protection, do /cmodify {name1} {name2} and right click the protection.

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Dreamscraft also features a number of plugins which come together to make a fun and automated economy, heavily encouraging the use of player-to-player economy rather than player-to-server. Dreamscraft features a player marketplace equipped with small, lost cost stands in which players can create their own shops showcasing their items for sale. Players can also setup reverse showcase shops - instead of selling items to others, players can setup shops to buy items from players. This can even be configured to have a max purchase amount so you don't have to worry about going bankrupt! ShowCase shops can only be setup by Members (2h) or higher, this is to prevent large numbers of abandoned shops.

Banned Mods:

  • Only railcraft

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No hacking, hack/cheat clients or similar.
No using exploits or glitches. If you find one, please report it immediately.
Please do not spam and/or advertise.
Bypassing Towny, LWC (locked containers) or region protections is strictly prohibited.
Please do not make a habit of writing messages in all caps.
Please do not ask staff for items, money or rank ups.
Please try to be courteous and use common sense.

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