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Server IP:

32gb + i7 2600 + 100mb connection = No Lag = Awesome


Teamspeak 3 IP: Port :9987

EnchantedCraft was first created back in beta 1.8.1 which was the first prelease Mojang ever did and to get off with a nice head start we created the first 1.8.1 server open to the public and from then on we have gone through server upgrades, advances in technologies and many more along with growing just as a server.

We were currently only hosting a Bukkit Minecraft server and now we feel it is time to expand, we have joined the league of Teckkit servers. I along with the other admins, mods and players want to give you best time and best game play on our server and that is one of our goals so I hope to be seeing you around.

At EnchantedCraft we try to include as many features as possible to make playing as fun as we can, so here is a list of some of the things you will see from our server

99% uptime (check out our Bukkit servers uptime here)
Hosted from a dedicated server in Germany (english speaking server)
Full forums
TeamSpeak 3 server
Many server plugins

  • Grief protection
  • Hawkeye for safely
  • Shops
  • iConomy
  • Active events
  • Many features we created using other mods/plugins

We would like to some great groups of people join together in creating towns, citys and buildings that we can show off to the rest of the world and run a server where economy if very important, there are many shops around the trading capital of this server. We set out economy in high numbers and there is a good reason for this, on our standard basic server the price of cobble can range from 1-2 coins and prices for iron 10-18 a bar but we can have a bigger margin on items letting you fight for customers to buy and sell from you. (We try to stay out the way of the economy and let it even out by players but if we feel it needs changing we will do so.)

We have a set of rules that run over our server unless stated. Please view the rules on our website!

Disabled mods

Mining lazers etc
More to come...

Our server has a gray list meaning you are able to come on and chat and look around but you will not be able to place or destroy blocks in the world. We ask that people sign up on our forums because our server permission link to our forums.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you on our server soon!

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