This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Feed the Crafter [Faction] [Direwolf 20] [1.6.4] [


Feed the Crafter, is a great lag-free server, that runs 24/7, and has the capability to run up to 76 players lag-free. We have 76 slots currently and can expand if needed!

This server is running Direwolf 20, 1.6.4 and the server IP is:


The server map size is 25K x 25K blocks, so it's a relatively big map. You won't have any trouble finding a place to live!
Griefing, raiding and glitching into peoples bases is completely legal here, so make sure you hide your base well!
There's never any server-side lag, on Feed the Crafter, if something is acting up performance wise, we will quickly fix it!
We have some of the best staff out there, so if you need help, don't feel frightened to ask!

We have enabled things like the MORPH MOD!
You can use PORTAL GUNS!
We are running factions on Feed the Crafter, make sure to use the /faction alias command instead of /f! /f is disabled, so use /factions!



[1] Listen to the staff.

[2] Do NOT X-Ray mod. (this includes texture packs)

[3] No modding of any kind (except for the mods that comes with the modpack)

[4] There are almost NO banned items, for the ones that are banned, do not use them! (List of banned items below)

[5] Griefing, PvP, and raiding is allowed and encouraged!

[6] Do not severely troll the staff or players.

[7] Do NOT spam or advertise. (This includes CAPS LOCK)

[9] Don't build less then 300 blocks from spawn.

[10] No duping items! It's illegal, if you are found doing so, you will be permanently banned!

[11] Glitching and pearling into bases/houses is legal. However, glitching in faction claimed territory is illegal.

Visit for a complete list of explained rules.


Chunk Loaders,
World Anchor/Personal Anchors/Anchor Carts,
ForceField systems,
Mining lasers,
ComputerCraft: All turtles, (due to breaking spawn and protected areas) and disk drives
Item Routers and Enchantment Routers (Can be used to duplicate items)

Gravity guns are banned, but given to high ranking donors.

From Lme, (the owner) to all of the Feed the Crafter community, we hope to see you online soon, we welcome all players!

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