This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BEST SERVER - HelloCreeper! - PVP - GRIEF


What is the best tekkit server? HelloCreeper!
Requires Tekkit
RM Furnace & Nukes Allowed!

HelloCreeper Tekkit Factions FactionsPlus PVP
Best Tekkit Server Around!


100% UpTime

About the Server

-Griefing is allowed anywhere except spawn
-Players can purchase shops in spawn to sell items
-We have LWC enabled
-We're a PVP Server
-Quantum is allowed except chest
-Alchemy bags are allowed
-Admin shops enabled
-Great Donation options
-Voting gets you a Diamond and 2000 Econ Cash
-Rankup system so you can gain access to more items
-Theft within factions is allowed as well so be careful who you recruit
-Friendly and Helpful Staff

Plugin List:
Too many bukkit plugins to list... Log in and type /plugins


-Nova Catalyst
-Nova Cataclysm
-Blackhole Chest
-Nuke (Banned in Spawn Only)
-World Anchor
-Red Matter Hammer (Banned in Spawn Only)
-Dark Matter Hammer (Banned in Spawn Only)
-Red Morning Star (Banned in Spawn Only)
-Watch of flowing time
-Quantum Chest
-Abyss Armor
-Destruction Catalyst
and a few more. List in spawn.

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