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Tekkit Legends Cracked Server. Need Staff

Tekkit Legends Cracked Server. Need Staff,BETA


Exhibit, is a awesome survival server what has multiple different interactions. Loads of different activities to do. Join and check us out, each day we add more plugins,fix bugs,and edit the map for a better experience for public members.

We have a very friendly community, and is growing daily.
Applying for staff is easy, as we are looking for Test-Mods for the server. Message a member of staff for details.
Plugins are added daily/changed daily.
If you find any bugs please report to a member of staff.
Rules are in game.

There is no server lag, we are hosted in USA, but most players are from UK. The connection to members is great global.

Why you are ever offline? Plz this is a great server go online please!
Posted 16th Oct 2016