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Welcome To CandyLand

Welcome To CandyLand

We are a PvE server with towny. We have a PvP area for players who want to still battle at times. We have friendly players and staff, and the owner (me) can get on almost anytime someone needs something. Its still a new server so don't join thinking everything is going to be perfect. If you find something that needs to be fix let us know on our website or tell a staff member that is on at the time


"Highly disappointing. The staff member is extremely arrogant and rude"
I've been on the server for a bit, around 6 days.
I've never seen a staff member that has been rude in any way's.

"the server has banned absolutely everything"
You've got that wrong.
The server has banned around 6 items.
You don't find many good servers that has less than 6 banned items.

"lags like holy hell,"
The TPS is always at 20,00.
It must be your computer due other's does not lag.
Blaming the server for lag when other's dosen't lag and it's on 20 TPS, good job mate.

"he staff are always pestering you and making you answer their questions."
Now you are exaggerating a bit...
The staff dosen't always pestering you or making you answer their question.
However, when you are caught in a crime then they will get you to answer, It's against the rules to deny staff.

"It's just extremely saddening to see starting servers fail because of stolen ideas, plugins and horrible staff."
Stolen ideas and plugins?
Hahah, that made me actually laugh.
You can not steal the plugins CandyLand have, due they are official.

Stolen ideas?
Which ideas exactly?
The spawn? It's a downloaded map, an official map from PMC that was given to players to have on their server.
Not everyone can make a large and good looking spawn?
You expect way too much...

Horrible staff?
Last time I checked, you had a horrible behavior to the staff members due you are not satifised with how the server is.

By looking at your review I can cleary see you are immature and responsible.
You stood on the server for at least 30 minutes and arguing with the staff due you was not satifised with the things we do or how the server is.

Next time you make a review, I suggest you don't lie.

Best Regards,
Manager of CandyLand
Posted 21st Sep 2016
Great server.
By thinking of how new the server is, it has improved pretty good.
I've been on many Tekkit Classic server and I must say, this is the best.

Multiple features to do.
You can team up with other players, make a town.
Make plots and sell them to other players.
Make nations, get other towns to join and create some kind of alliance.

Great staff members, helpful and they care a lot about the problems.

I recommend this server at my highest.
Posted 20th Sep 2016
Worst Server Ever, Hated the Owner he would Say that people Are disrespectful and They've done nothing.
By far the worst server ever
Posted 20th Sep 2016
Good server that is starting, most things are there. could use some work still
Posted 15th Sep 2016