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Solus Gaming - Tekkit [Only Australian Hosted Tekk




What is better than having a Minecraft server that is Australian? A Minecraft server that has an amazing sense of community and interaction. We have Aussies, Americans and even some Kiwi's (New Zealanders for those who don't know) a really eclectic mix which rolls into very interesting chats.


PVP! come on, this one does hit people hard sometimes when choosing a server but don't fear! SolusGaming Tekkit has PVP but it is well moderated and doesn't occur often. If you feel like PvP'ing go for it, but if our don't well that is alright as well! Its a place for all play styles.


"I'm just building la la laa, log off for a day WTF! EVERYTHING IS RUINED!" is what you would say if we didn't have a good team of mods and admins to help clear and roll back grief affected areas. We have Area Protection to help prevent griefing, but if it happens just ask a kind mod or admin.


"Who stole my items!?" said the person living in a house "Did you lock it?" said the admin. This doesn't occur, as what ever you place is bound to you and who ever you think is WORTHY!


DONATE! DONATE DONATE! We don't force anyone to donate to become white listed, we have selected a ranking system that gives special perks for when someone donates a certain amount of money. (list can be found on our website) Donating helps keep us alive! But it is a personal choice to donate or not. WE DON'T FORCE IT!


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