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[Loe] Tekkit - Legend of Equestria


Greetings and welcome to [LoE] Tekkit Server! A Wonderful choice for most tekkit and Brony Lovers!. Join us Now!

Server IP:
Teamspeak: Currently None
Website: Currently none

If you wish to join are lovely tekkit server, you must connect to the IP Address listed above. Upon arrival within are fancy new server, you will sadly only be that of a Newborn rank! To obtain the ability to build and to be able to start your adventure though is as simple as typing "/rankup" within chat. Currently however since we are an extremely new server, we still lack spawn and among many other things! But no need to worry, are lovely staff has been much at working creating tons custom plugins and custom re-balances to the server along with the lines of an advanced ranking system and custom mcmmo leveling system!

General rules of conduct:

  1. We have zero tolerance for griefing, you have been warned.
  2. No Client mods: No Xray - No Fly
  3. No Cussing/harassing/Spamming in chat.
  4. No Cheating or exploiting.
  5. No begging mods for items.

    [LoE] Tekkit - Is your basic tekkit survival brony server! We have various plugins that will help you on your adventure along with make some things easier, along with are custom plugins blocking out those pesky bugs and cheats! We put a lot of work into keeping everything balanced so you may have the best tekkit experience possible! Currently are ranking system is rather unique when you reach the rank of student: You are given three alternative choices! (/rankup Pegasus - /rankup Unicorn - /rankup Earth) Depending on which branch you choose, your rewards and powers will vary with in the game itself! So choose wisely!

We have various plugins that will make your survival a tad bit easier though. But please, do not ask our admins to provide supplies, this IS Survival, put in the work and you'll do great. That being said, if you DO want a fast track to get items besides boring old mining, we do have donation options. Check out our website for more information.

What we have to offer:
-Upcoming Events -Prizes
-Balanced System
-Tekkit Survival at it's best
-Amazing Rank System
-Custom Tekkit McMMO
-Future Spleef Games
-PvP Arena
-Great atmosphere
-Excellent Staff
-Friendly Community
-24/7 Play
-And much more!... If you are brony or just a lover of tekkit! Why not stop by and check us out!

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