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The CyroTek Community has just been created and is awaiting for people like you, yes you, to join and have fun, I (Addorra) Believe that because of the tiny amount of banned items we have is going to part us from all of the other servers, The only items we have banned are the ones that dupe. All of the matter tools are not banned but restricted to ranks, Such as to gain the red morning star you must be the highest donator. I have patched many of the duplication bugs in tekkit and there is only 2 now working dupes that i'm yet to patch, The transmutation table and the tank cart, in which I am working on almost every day. Our ranking system is very unique, You gain ranks for the time you have been online, for example you have to be on the server for 30 minutes to gain the first rank. In those ranks you unlock kits that help you to grow. We have a separate world for our users to mine in, which leaves the normal world for people to raid, kill and everything else you want to do, In the mineworld you are able to use the right click function of all the tools, the mining lazer, and also being able to place a quarry down. The Mineworld will be reset once a month and it's online a 2000 radius world border.

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