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QuantumCraft Tekkit | Needs Staff! | 95% Up-Time |


Hello everyone, my name is Slayer, Owner of the QuantumCraft Network. I am releasing my brand new Tekkit Server on the QuantumCraft Network! This is the server here.

QuantumCraft Tekkit does what other servers don't do, and that's not to reset the world map(s) when it (they) get(s) too large. With this in mind, we do have a limit on the amount of dimensions a player can have. This limit can be found in-game.

QuantumCraft Tekkit also does not have any banned items/blocks (mods). HOWEVER, this CAN (and will) change soon. There are some parts of some mods that will be banned soon, but these will NOT include popularly used items (mods) such as Quarries or Mystcraft. So keep out for that.

We are also looking for people interested in becoming staff on QuantumCraft Tekkit. If you are interested, please contact 'thehumanslayer12' in-game or on skype: thehumanslayer12

Here are the server's specs:
Intel Xeon E5-1650 v2 @ 3.50GHz
16 GB 2333 MHz DDR4 RAM
2 Drives (RAID); x1 1 TB (SSD, Main World Drive), x1 2 TB (HDD, Backup Drive)

This dedicated server costs almost a whopping $200+ a month to run, but I run it on my own money. But, if you'd wish to donate and support the server, you can do so on our site (donations are welcome, however, [the donator] will not receive anything [yet] until donator ranks are patched in).

While we are a new server, we are striving to include a lot of new features to our members. This being new plugins and other things the community seems fit to ask for. So any recommendations are welcome!

More information will be edited in when it becomes available until then, come on and play!

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