This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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ETCraft Tekkit - 3.1.2 - Not working right at the


World Guard.
Recently reset.
Tardis Plugin.

Because of Factions you can take responsibility for home protection.

EE Enabled.
CC Enabled.

[1] Nukes and Lava are only to be used in safe ways unless in a faction war
[2] Do not spam or over-use caps
[3] Do not beg for promotions
[4] Do not use harmful tools on anyone else's property unless under faction war
[5] Stealing and Griefing is allowed so make sure to protect your land (look at factions plugin)
[6] Do not mob or bully other players using high power equipment, especially newer players who have weaker equipment (1 week ban 1st time - perma ban then)


  • Default
  • Builder
  • Iron (£3)
  • Gold (£6)
  • Moderator (Free) / Emerald (£10)
  • Admin (Free) / Diamond (£20)
  • Co-owner / Obsidian (£35)
  • Owner

Donation system is still being finished, Iron Rank should be available for purchase though

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