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Hey guys looking for a Tekkit server hopefully you'll like this one!

Mods that don't work
Overall server Rules
Do not Trash towns that are still alive -If you break this rule you will have your account reset if you continue to break this rule you will be banned for a little bit If you than break it again your ip will be permanitly banned
Do not use Red matter or Dark Matter abilitys above ground.-If you break this rule and are caught you will be reset and the whole EE mod pack will be removed
Do not use nukes in Towns or Spawn-If you break this rule the nukes will be removed from the game and your account will be reset.
Do not start fires in forests using the Rings-If you are caught your account will be reset and you may be banned if you continue to do so.
Towns must be 10 blocks away from another town.-Your town will be removed each time you do this
Thats the only mod that dosnt work. There are currently no nerfed items at the moment. Please do not trash towns with the rings if you are caught you will be Ip banned and the items will be removed from the game.
The Items planning to be nerfed
SwiftWolf's rendering Gale
Ring of arcania
Zero Ring
Ring of Time
Nova Catalyst
Destruction Catalyst
Red matter&Dark matter abilitys
Uncraftable Quontum armor
Energy Condensers 50% less EMC
Red & Dark matter armor
Telsa Blocks
We are also hiring people for Operator but you must not abuse your powers or you will be demoted and banned for 1 month and not beable to get your rank back.
We are also giving out a helper rank and to become that you must know alot about Tekkit and how it works and if you are a Helper get to know the decided changes to the server before anyone else!
How to become a Operator
Played for 1 Month
Be a Trusted User
How to become a Helper
Played Tekkit for at least 4 Months
Pass the Helpers Test
Played our server for 2 weeks
Invite 5 users that can vouch for you.
Pics [Coming Soon!]
You may also buy shops but there are rules about the shops and here they are right here
You may only buy 1 plot
You may not resale plots
If you can't pay for it you will lose all of your items.

Update 1:
-Allowing normal players to build automaticly
-Turned to PVP
-Map reset

Update 2:
-Ranking System

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