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Join our new Tekkit Classic server at

Welcome to our new Tekkit Classic community.

We are a new Tekkit Classic server that allows users to explore one of the best modpacks ever made to Minecraft.
The world is almost as fresh as it can be, only a few players have started to make their settlements.

Join the server with the following IP:
For more information about our server and to find a guide on how to install Tekkit Classic, go to

We are not looking for staff as of right now, we are a small but growing community.
Our rules are simple and should be easy to follow.

Server Rules:

  1. No Griefing

  2. No Cheating of any kind.

  3. No Bug Abuse.

  4. No Personal Attacks in Chat.

  5. No AFK Machines.

Banned Items:
World Anchor.
Everything but the item(s) listed above are allowed to be used.
Though we ask players to not ruin the fun for everyone else by abusing items offered in Tekkit Classic.

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