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AC3-Servers[TEKKIT CLASSIC][Creative][Survival][SK


Brand new, tekkit skyblocks is now on AC3-Tekkit. Join now and visit the skyblock world!


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Welcome to AC3-Servers, we are a small great community of servers looking for people like you!

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In this Tekkit server you can be guaranteed a great time, with grief and raid allowed, a well maintained economy, and an amazing community!

The fantastic staff and players are waiting for you to join and for you to get involved in the community.

With the Survival Games plugin, you can PvP recreationally without loosing stuff, not in the mood to PvP? That's not a problem, just go to the creative world and learn something you don't know!
If you need help just ask everyone, someone is bound to know. Plus the staff are amazing and helpful, and will try to help you to their full extent.

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Come and play survival!
With the least possible banned items, and no mods disabled. You can enjoy your time on the server in creative.

Go to war with your enemies, grief and raid strangers, or stay a hermit and build your epic factory. All of you will be respected and rewarded for your decisions.

Smite your enemies and form an alliance against those who deserve it, with the factions plugin. Both preventing and encouraging grief and raid.
If you make money on the side and you have died, maybe you can bribe the server to allow you your items and xp back, thanks to the death control plugin, you can get a one-up on your enemies and strike them to the ground.

When you do eventually die, don't quit! there is more waiting for you!

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Go into creative and test out your creations, learn more about tekkit and the large amount of mods crushed together.
Need help learning something? someone is always on to assist you or learn with you, just to make it a bit easier to understand!
The amazing community can help you just as much as the wonderful staff, and both of them will be willing to help to their full extent!

Thanks to the plugin CreativePlots, you can be guaranteed a grief free plot, to do what ever you wish!

Often there will be competitions for buildings and machines in creative, the winners are usually rewarded with the Pro-Plus rank, enabling them to use world-edit in the Creative and Pro worlds. Runners up will be rewarded with the Builder rank, allowing world-edit in the creative world!

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The Pro-World is a private grief free world where if you have access to it, you can use creative to create your builds.
This world can be earned or brought from the server shop.

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  1. Crashing the server will result in a instant permanent ban, regardless of rank.
  2. Abusive mods and hacks (Oil Derrick, spam-bots, proxy's), will result in a warning and then a ban.
  3. No discrimination (racism, sexism, etc.), this will result in a temp ban then a permanent ban.
  4. Grief and raiding factions is only allowed in faction warfare. (Only raid factions if you are in a faction), disobedience will result in a ban.
  5. Any glitches, problems, or crashes, should be reported immediately, failure to do so may result in a ban.
  6. No asking for op or higher ranks
  7. Report any grief or raiding spots, that aren't authorised. (If the other factions is an enemy this rule gets void).
  8. No spamming.
  9. No asking staff and players, to spawn in items for you.
  10. If you have the ability to spawn in items, distributing them for free is not allowed.
  11. Have fun.

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