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RaiderZ Tekkit!


Hello, & Welcome to RaiderZ Tekkit Server!
We are a brilliant community who Love to play Tekkit but also HATE Griefers so that's why me (longgeorge), tobydude101, Partyhouse90, Moschopsuk have brought this server for people who like Tekkit & HATE Griefers just like we do!
This Server is Free & not White-listed so anyone can join but we have a couple of plugins that will stop though all annoying Griefers. Currently we have the following Plugins:-

-Grief Prevention
-Essentials Group Manager
-Item Blocker
Plugin Info:
-Grief Prevention
Players may claim an area of the world, where other players can't (without their permission) build, break blocks, open containers, use crafting equipment, injure animals, or trample crops. Because other players also can't use buttons or levers without permission, an iron door can prevent others from even entering certain areas. Claims are also protected from flowing water/lava, and explosions of all kinds.
Players start with a very small maximum size for their claims, and earn more blocks with play time. Together with a minimum claim size and golden shovel requirement, this prevents griefers from joining the server and immediately using claims as a way to make trouble.

Essentials is one of our Commands here are some of the
commands that you as a Builder can use!

  • /afk
  • /chat color
  • /question
  • /compass
  • /delhome
  • /home
  • /ignore
  • /itemdb
  • /mail
  • /send
  • /me
  • /msg [Name] [Message]
  • /sethome
  • /suicide
  • /time
  • /tpa [Name]
  • /tpaccept
  • /tpahere
  • /tpdeny

-Item Blocker
Elite Blocker is our very Trust worthy and Reliable Block Blocker, It bans blocks to be
placed and destroyed.

-Essentials Group Manager
With our Group Manager we only have 3 groups, We have the Builders Group
the one you will be in automatically & the Owners Group.

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