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ProdigyNetwork - Tekkit Legends



Loo at all thsoe chickens

]:- PRODIGY -:[

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    We are a Medium/Small Dedicated Tekkit Legends server. We have a friendly team of staff and have a variety of features we know you'll love! Earn keys for crates and obtain rare items! The expansive amount of plugins ensures the maximum satisfaction and experience for the player to dive right into the nitty and gritty of the modpacks of Tekkit Legends.
    The server has 100 slots, and is entirely lag free! The server is mainly based around Towny with aspects of PVP for you to enjoy. Please check it out and let us know what you think.
    We have a variety of plugins that have been optimised via hours of hard work. Featured Plugins include:
    Towny - Build your own town or join as a resident! Take part in wars with a nation!
    Economy - A whole in-game currency system!
    Auction House - Auction your items on the auction house for a set price.
    CrateKeys - Earn or buy keys that can be spent at chests to earn items that can be very rare!
    ChestShop - Set up shop and sell items. Send resources from your techy factory to sell at your towns for currency!
    There are not many tekkit legends servers out there that include plugins, a great community and a clean world.
    Please come and take a look!

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