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EnderSouls Tekkit || Factions || mcMMO || 24/7 ||



Hardcore PvP:
Welcome to the EnderSouls Tekkit PVP Community.
Read on below for more information on our server, or connect to and get fighting right away!


We only have 1 rule on our PvP Server and that is:

Banned Items:

Philosopher's Stone, Red Matter Hoe and Red Matter Katar (YOU CAN CRAFT AND USE IN PvP!).

Catalytic Lens, Destruction Catalyst, Evertide Amulet, Infernal Armour, Abyss Helmet, Dynamite, Harvest Goddess Ban, Harvest Goddess Band, Black Hole Band, Void Ring, Mercurial Eye, Ring of Arcana, Watch of Flowing Time, Volcanite Amulet, Cannon, Nove Catalyst, Nova Catalysm, Turtle, Igniter, World Anchor, Anchor Cart, Dimensional Anchor, Feed Station, Tunnel Bore, Iron Bore, Steel Bore, Diamond Bore, Work Cart, Frame Motor, Dark Matter Pedestal, Energy Collecter III, Mining Laser, Wooden Hammer, Stone Hammer, Iron Hammer, Golden Hammer, Iron Hammer, Black Hole Chest, Dark Matter Hoe, Teleporter, Item Teleport Pipe, Waterproof Teleport Pipe, Power Teleport Pipe.

Tesla Coil and Mining Well.


Safe, simple spawn made for easy navigation
Warps save time and simply warp to places and destinations
Combat log prevention, ­ those combat loggers
Donator Accounts, help us run the server, leave a donation for ranks and items!
Economy and shops! we provide a whole economy system with shops and more
Advanced raiding use the advantage of your commands and powers to raid and take control
Factions, create a faction, protect your land and start a village!

About us:

EnderSouls is a fully dedicated Tekkit PvP community! We provide the best servers, with the best plug-ins and staff!
You can find all necessary information on our website, at the top navigation, be sure to comment and get active on our others servers and our [NEW] forums!
Our server is located in southern Seattle, a neutral territory free of natural and possible nuclear disasters
We build all servers ourselves in order to keep control of plug-ins and stats
24/7 staff means quick resolution to any gameplay/plugin related issues
Our network is fast; less than 60ms from the farthest major Internet peering hub of the United States
Whether your a new or old player, our servers and plug-ins will handle your needs and requests with ease.

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