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BeastvilleMC - Eco - PVP - Survival


Beastville MC -- Brand New! - JAVA 1.15.2 w/ 1.16 Plans!

Survival - Creative - Vanilla gameplay w/ McMMO
Creative World - Extra large plots for your imagination!
Earn money doing Jobs! Economy is still being development.
Super friendly community!
We're owned and operated by adults. You won't be mistreated
24/7 Uptime. Running on high-end hardware. Lag free!

It's a new server, so there aren't many people in it but the mods are chill and it has a creative warp that lets you build if you feel like taking a break from Survival.
Posted 21st May 2020
Small but growing server, relaxed atmosphere, friendly community. Everyone is great, and the owner is super helpful! It's a great place to just chill and hang out. There's rarely any lag, and the server is virtually always up.
Posted 20th May 2020