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ThunderBite Tekkit Classic - FACTIONS - TOWNY - LO

Welcome to the ThunderBite Tekkit Classic Spawn!
You can choose to play Towny or Factions!
Merry Christmas!
These are the rules for Factions!
These are the rules for Towny!

Hello, we would like to take a second to thank you for looking at our server, and we hope what you find here will drive you to join our network.

Note worthy Plugins: Factions, Towny, Lottery, PVPTimer, IConomy, Emotions, AutoRank, PEX, TreeAssist, MoneyDrop, and many more to come!

What do some these plugins do?

Factions - We have a world dedicated to Factions gameplay! Enjoy this world with just other factions players! Raiding is allowed, but griefing is not allowed. Please ready /factionrules ingame to find out what the rules are for the Factions world.

Towny - We have a world dedicated to Towny gameplay as well!! This world is separate from the Factions world, so you can enjoy running your towns and nations! Please read /townyrules ingame to find out what the rules are for the Towny world.

Lottery - Buy tickets through the /lot command, and you get a chance to win the lottery. You can buy 10 tickets per round. Each ticket is 500 Ingame. Please use as /lot buy #OfTickets.

PVPTimer - When you join our server we don't want you to worry about being killed. To combat this issue, you have 10 minutes after joining our server before you can be killed by a player.

TreeAssist - Using any regular Minecraft axe such as Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold, or Diamond you will destroy the entire tree by breaking one of the blocks.

MoneyDrop - Mobs now drop money! We know that sometimes starting up can be difficult, so we decided to pitch in. Somehow skeletons carry money, but who's complaining??

AutoRank - As you play and rack up your play time you will rank up. More items will become available to you the more you rank up through play time!

Banned Mod(s): - NONE!

Banned Item(s): - Anchor Cart, Dimensional Anchor, World Anchor, and Cannons.

!Important! Remember this is Tekkit Classic. In the event the server does crash, any items that were deleted or lost are considered irretrievable and will not be given back by any staff member.

Come and enjoy our server!

~xSelseor (ThunderBite Co-Owner)

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