This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Team Gaming | Cracked Tekkit Classic | Factions |


Welcome to TeamGaming!

Here we hope to offer the best experience in tekkit classic history!

Heres what we have!

Factions - Have wars against your friends and become the best faction possible!
Creative - Chill out and build what you can imagine!
Shop - Sell your items from factions to earn Money!

Heres what we promise!

1)To ensure a safe, happy and welcome staff and community!
2)To provide a unique experience from the rest of the servers!
3)To make the staff acknowledge you and treat you the way you want to be treated :)
4)For you to remember the server as the best server :)

1)No swearing - Insta kick on the spot :P
2)No griefing on creative
3)No meanness or unkindness in any way, shape or form, This is a video game, We are here to have fun!
4)To respect everyone including your worst enemy :)
5)To have fun!


We need donations to host a dedicated server!
If you feel like this server deserves it, donate so we can stay alive! :)

You get the Donater package which lets you beta test anything we are making, also you get access to what comes to the server next.
Not to mention that you get a special donater kit and items!

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