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Machine-Networks Tekkit Classic


Welcome to Machine-Networks Tekkit Classic Server,
We are a fun and fair server with active staff who are friendly and helpful. No Banned items.* Everyone has access to all items without having to donate. Our Survival(PVE) world uses grief prevention so players don’t have to worry about being griefed. Also there is no explosion damage in PVE so you don’t have to worry about those pesky creepers. If you are more into raiding then our PVP world is for you. Create a faction and team up with friends to raid and plunder other factions. We are also in the process of setting up Minigame and Skyblock Worlds. ^_^

*Items may be temporarily disabled while we patch bugs/exploits.

Staff are friendly and understanding, the community is helpful and willing to help new players get started.

There are a few restricted Items, like Morning Star, Ring of Arcana, and MK3 Collectors, but not so much to be a hindrance on the experience Tekkit Classic offers, anyone who says otherwise is a whiny child.

On a side note: You can have a blast on this server, so Join up now! ~ Sir_Vyvin.
Posted 12th Sep 2019
Hmm the server will be intresting how it goes... The main logic in here is pay2win. Because Spoilers: you can't craft morning star/mk3 and many more restrictions like blaze rod farm isn't allowed (well not working). But you can get 1 mk3 from voting so nice :D. So yeah they have big hopes the server will be again great and big. No dude get out of the illusion world. Your server doesn't bring anything new just old restriction sh*t that everyone disliked. P.S. Before you really start play in here ask about all restrictions and think really good is it worth it ;).
Last words. Server looks nice and etc. but with the restrictions and logics on some very important things lacks the good thinking and a logic. ;)
Posted 12th Sep 2019