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JS Family Tekkit Classic Server


It's Klingon Home World, KRONOS!

  • PVP Arena (Toggleable - Turn off PVP so you don't get unexpected surprise)
  • Mob Arena (To earn money and XP points)
  • Ender Dragon Game (Kill dragon every hour to earn money, XP points and egg)
  • Player's Mall (Buyable Shop) and Admin Store (At the left/right side wall of entrance of the mall)
  • Tavern at Spawn (Sells variety of drinks and food, some farm eggs too)
  • Very generous rewards when you vote (includes 20 Red Matters)
  • Best of it all, it's fully dedicated computer hosting it and 10Tb bandwidth with 6Gb RAM so its total lag free!
  • ... and many more...

Come in and join the friendly environment.
See you in game.. :)

Just joined this server and tried to do anything, immediantly 10 seconds of delay and lagg NOT RECOMMENDED
Posted 29th Aug 2017
Server is offline. :/ why is it offline?
Posted 22nd Feb 2017