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Dark-O NO banned items Server


There is no PVP on this server due to the fact that people can be to over powered.
There are 3 worlds

  • Admin World - admins do there survival here (No you can't join us!)
  • Banned World - all access to everyone, and is safe here, however there are banned items
  • Non Banned world - all access to everyone, hard to living here can get griefed so hide your base!
    These worlds are separated so different inventories for each one


1) No Griefing -
This means that any sort of stealing, raiding, destroying, or placing of blocks is not permitted. Also, 'borrowing' blocks from 'friends' is forbidden if they decide to report it. Griefing anything that is unclaimed is permitted. you will not be at fault here. Failure to comply to this rule will result in a permanent ban with the chance to appeal.(Note, not all appeals will be accepted right away.) If the appeal is accepted, players are given a second chance. If they do it again, players are permanently banned with NO chance to appeal at all.

2) No PVP -
This rule means that any sort of player versus player battles is forbidden in the over world, mining world, twilight world, nether world and the ender word. If a player is reported for PVP in the above worlds will result in a permanent ban with a chance to appeal. (Note not all appeals will be accepted) If the appeal is accepted players will be given a second chance. If they do it again, players will be permanently banned with NO chance to appeal at all.

4) Be respectful -
Being disrespectful will result in the punishment ranging from a kick to a permanent ban depending on how severe the disrespect is. If it is extremely disrespectful, then possible a permanent ban with a wait time to appeal to it. Now there are many forms of disrespect. I feel that this is a little vague. This rule means any of the following: calling players names, making fun of someone for doing a stupid move or being challenged mentally/physically, talking back to staff/other members, and disrespecting the server/the owner. If you need a clarification on what is rude and are not listed here, contact staff or Smallfooty and ask.

5)No hacking -
The name says it all. Any cheats that are not on anyone's client or on the server itself is considered a hack. This also includes DDOS'ing the server or threatening to hack players on the server. It will result in immediate ban and chance to appeal the ban to the head admin only

6) No duplicating -
Do not illegally find/use any duplication glitches. If you accidentally find one, contact staff immediately there is a reward given. Do NOT post a thread or others will use it. The most famous one is the red matter furnace duplication glitch. Any duplicating will result in immediate confiscation of alleged duplicated items and a ban. Ban appeals are aloud. It may also result in a temporary ban depending on how big the duplication was. Also players that repeat or continue to dupe will be permanently banned from the server without appeal.

7) No afk machines -
An AFK machine is anything that dodges the AFK kick. The most notorious one is the spawner's. All spawners must have a kill switch to turn the spawner off when the player is not online others are teleportation glitches and constant moving without reply. “Staff will ask if you are there and if no reply, then they will remove the machine and give players a warning. If players continue to leave there spawners on a temporary ban or the player may get other o permanently banned with a chance to appeal.

8)No chat abuse -
This should go under respect other players. Chat abuse is when you say nasty and snarky comments towards other players via chat. Once again, depending on how bad the chat abuse is, a kick to a permanent ban will be enforced with a chance to appeal. Staff will monitor all chat including /w. Do Not Abuse the /helpop Command, this command is used to send a private msgs, this msg is received by all staff, spamming this command could block up the staffs screens and but most importantly the staff got miss a vital helpop request.

9) Do not ask to become staff in main chat -
Never do this. Simply go the forums, which you are already on in order to read this, click on the forums on the top bar under sign in/sign up. And scroll to see staff application. Click it and find new thread either above or below the list of applications and create your own application. Closed applications result in an immediate denial of the application. You can only apply for officer or TMod. Then you work your way up on the server if possible. Asking in chat will be punished accordingly from kicks to bans.

10) No advertising -
any advertising of other servers will result in an immediate ban with a chance to appeal. Most are unintentional but just appeal anyway.

11) English only in main chat -
Simple. Only the language English is permitted. Speaking of another language in the main chat will be punished with a kick to mute. However, an exception to this rule is if you speak via /message [username] this is permitted.

12) No drop parties -
Easy to follow. DO NOT drop items at spawn or anywhere else for any reason. You will not be able to drop any at spawn due to restrictions. Drop parties are when someone drops free items over a group of people. This will result in a ban to anyone who participates. Also for the player or players will be punished accordingly to how many items were picked up from it. Admins are authorized however!

13)No spamming -
The simple rule. Anything that is repeated 3 or more times is considered spam. Do not spam. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a kick, then mute, then mute jail, then temporary ban, then ban all on separate, repeating, offenses. Staff can skip some of these depending on how bad the spam was. You have been warned. (FML and other acronyms will count against you if it contains either language)

14) CAPS -
This is a very simple rule no !!CAPS !!at all in chat, CAPS are considered as shouting so don’t do it.
Players that use Caps will get a verbal warning in chat saying ( no Caps ) if a player still continues to use CAPs they will be kicked from the server then they will get a mute, mute jail and then for continue use of CAPS a server warning will be given. (Staff can skip some of these depending on how bad the CAPS are)

Simple rules follow them and you'll have fun!!!

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