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FireSyde Ventures


Welcome all! We are just a small non griefing Tekkit classic survival server. We have a just a few rules but other then that the number one rule is be happy! I really have always enjoyed playing tekkit and wanted to invite you all to come join me on the adventure. FireSyde is hold school server with towns and what not and hey If you play long enough you just might become staff.:)

Server has quite a few kinks.

Don't have access to certain commands, such as /back or /spawn.

Also lots of banned items: RM tools, RM furnaces, and even alloy furnaces. It's pretty difficult to progress in tekkit classic without an alloy furnace (no filters, no pneumatic tubing, etc.)

There are plenty of plugins that could be applied that solve the problems of RM items. Hopefully the owner will fix these all these kinks, but until then.
Posted 29th Oct 2016