This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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CalmCaterpillar's 24/7 Survival (Region Protection


A simple survival server where you can ask for free region protection and has a maximum of 16 slots.
Do not hack.
Do not grief.
Do not ask for admin.
More information here.

Warps for different biomes!
/warp desert
/warp forest
/warp snow
/warp jungle
/warp swamp

Banned = Flying ring, Explosive items
Jetpacks allowed

                                       Donate here!
                  Minimum = 5 Euros or about $6.47
Server stats.

This is a 24/7 server. It's just like single player but with more people! It is survival! Netherworld is enabled. Mobs are enabled. 16 players max. This isn't one of those big servers where you want to build something, and your just like, "Oh there's already something there." I hate those. Free region protection! Ask me, admins are not intelligent with Minecraft commands.

Add me on steam CalmCaterpillar

Add me on Xbox Live CalmCaterpillar

Most important: NO WHITELIST!

  1. No griefing(Stealing is allowed, lock your chests!)
  2. No asking for admin.
  3. Have fun!
  4. No water/lava spam.
  5. No block spam.
  6. Do not destroy anything that is not yours.
  7. Zombe's mod pack and other hacks or anything else used to cheat are not allowed.

Type /help for commands.

Want to see another plugin on the server? Tell me about it and I will see if I'm interested in it.
Iconomy/Vault/Chestshop are setup but I have no clue how to use them!

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