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Chill Land


Hey so, this is just a server to chill on and there's nothing really special about it. Please be mature, no scamming or stupid things like that. Also no hacking please, that destroys the whole point of this game AND it ruins other players' experience on the server. There are the really over powered items that are banned like nukes and stuff. Red matter and Dark matter however, are not.

Staff spots are CURRENTLY OPEN**!
We are looking for the best of the best staff. There are requirements however.

Moderators*: You must have a good knowledge on Tekkit itself and all the plugins within. Be familiar with Essentials and how to use it to it's max potential. Be friendly, don't abuse powers. Yada yada, get the point?

Administrators*: You must be familiar with all the things that a Moderator has to be familiar with. Know how to use WorldEdit and how to be compatible with any plugins the server is running at the time.

Right now, to become ANY kind of staff, you must have a Skype. Add me: kojishimc

***We're also looking for expertise builders. Not people that thing a stone building with glass on the sides for windows looks good. We're talking about builds that may take a few days to complete or maybe a couple weeks. If you help build the spawn, your name will be posted on the spawn news board, and you will get a staff spot as OP/Admin!

That is all I gotta say. Just come here to chill and stuff. I won't have a problem with most of the things you do on here, just nothing stupid.
DISAPPROVED - Do these and it's Jail-time/Mute/Ban/IP-Ban

  1. Spam
  2. Act stupid
  3. Troll
  4. Hack
  5. Disobey staff
  6. Dupe
  7. For that matter, anything that is considered an exploit in the game or modifying memory with hacks like CrystalDemo or Nodus type of things. (I will know when you try and use these, I have some 'special' plugins I have installed.)

REMEMBER, this is a lame and boring server description, but when you log yourself onto the server, you can expect me to eat your babies and chipotle. Thank you!

(PLUGINS:) Psh, there will be MORE :SexyFaice:
ChestShop, goes nicely along with iConomy 6. Like toast goes with butter!
ChopTree 2, boom goes the...tree..and the leaves!
Essentials, wait a minute. What did you just say? You can run a server WITHOUT Essentials? Ohhh ho ho ho NO YOU CAN'T.
WorldGuard, to save important areas of our map from those pesky damn griefers. GRIEFERS GO AWAY! (GO AWAY JAKE!)
WorldEdit, so that you can make some sexy creations...or at least staff can. Oh well.
iConomy, so you can know how it feels to waste money in reality without the real pains of it!
TekkitCustomizer, so we can remove any items that are being abused currently but are not really used. Sorta like the Tank Cart.
MobDisguise, ....>:I....>:(....>:O....when I want to spy on you in the shower :).

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