This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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TitanCraft - No lag 24/7


Main Rules :
Swearing allowed just as not directed to anybody, although no offensive, racist, sexist, or prejudice swearing, and no spammed swearing

No Grief

Restricted PVP :
PVP is allowed as long as...

All PVP'er(s) agree to the fight

If one PVP'ers dies, and said the PVP event would be giving items back, they get their items back

Nobody is putting down the other(s) skills, just because they are more skilled at PVP

No Hacked Clients! :
That means no Fullbright, no xray, no fly-hacking.

Be Kind, and Nice to everybody :
Be kind to everybody, don't be rude, don't bully anybody

Do not spam/advertise your server :
The players on the server have chosen this server, and I mean it.
They don't want to go to your server, they want to be able to see the chat clearly. Thanks. C:

Do not ask for OP/Nick/Ranks :
Yeah. Just don't. If we need staff, we will say so. Also, giving nicknames makes people jealous, and excluded, and I want everybody to be equal.

Do not spam the chat :
If somebody does not answer your question, please don't press your UP arrow, and enter, over, and over. Just ask it every now, and then. ( Not so often )
If nobody answers, then they don't know, or can't help, but you can say

Do not make EMC Machines
Seriously, machines that make infinite items screw up a servers economy.
Oh, and it is cheating. C:

Banned Items List :

Grief :
Usage of Philosopher's Stone ( Just in-hand, still can be used in recipes )
Catalytic Lens
Evertide Amulet
Infernal Armor
Harvest Goddess Band
Rind of Ignition
Mercurial Eye
Ring of Arcana
Watch of Flowing Time ( Can be used to mess up RedPower things )
Volcanite Amulet
DM and RM Pick
DM and RM Shovel
DM and RM Hoe
DM and RM Axe
DM and RM Hammer
RM Morning Star
Nova Catalyst ( And Catalysm ! )
Tunnel Bore
All Bore Heads
Frame Motor

Exploiters, and Bypassers :
All Hammers
Tesla Coil
Mining Laser
DM and RM Sword
RM Katar
Void Ring
Abyss Helmet

Lag, and annoying machines :
Industrial Alarm
World Anchor
Anchor Cart
DM Pedestal
Dimensional Anchors

All admins on TitanCraft are always wanting to help, dont be shy.

Notable Plugins :

Enjoy our server!

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