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Fallen-Networks Tekkit Classic


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Really loved the server, but why is it been offline for ages? When is it going to be back up?
Posted 17th Aug 2017
I think this server has a friendly environment. One thing I like about this server is the helpful staff. Also, you gain claim blocks from just playing which I always love as a feature. One thing I don't like about this server is that it is said to have no banned items, which it doesn't, but a lot of items do not work. I think it would be helpful for new players to know what items don't work so they do not waste time or resources trying to make something useless. Overall I think This server is a great Tekkit Server!
IGN: ToxicGiraffe
The server replied:
Hello, thank you for the reply and the kind words. There are specifically a few items that have their functions disabled on both servers, to prevent land grief and ensure the longevity of the map (such as the ability to mass remove water with some of the EE2 items). Other things, such as TNT have been disabled specifically on survival as explosions have been disabled themselves, but you can still use them for crafting benefits, lastly I believe the only other major item that has any issues, are world anchors, but we are slowly figuring out what to do regarding that item specifically, so it may or may not get enabled, or restricted to donators. If you have any questions, or do seem to find anything not properly working that I haven't listed, please do PM a staff member in game and they will relay it back to me so I can provide assistance. Thank you!
Posted 29th Jul 2017