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Minepow Tekkit Legends


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Minepow Tekkit Legends

  • Survival PvE
  • Anti Grief
  • Keep Inventory
  • Online 24/7
  • Jobs
  • Fixed Items
  • Custom Plugins
  • Clans
  • Parties
  • Crates
  • Market
  • Lotto
  • Friend Rewards

.. and more!

We welcome you:



I can't think of anything containing more cancer than this.
Posted 13th Nov 2016
The admins are kind and courteous, the people are sweet and willing to help out other players, I have not been griefed or verbally attacked, it's an over-all joyous experience thus far. Highly recommended (:
Posted 30th Oct 2016
Please.. The staff are poor, I was verbally abused earlier on here... I never give bad reviews, this is my first.
Posted 27th Oct 2016
Honestly this is one of the best minecraft servers I've ever had the pleasure of playing on, nevermind modded. The staff is very helpful and quick to respond, I needed help and one of the mods was on another server and he was on tekkit in minutes. Lovely community and a joy to play on, I hope to try out some of the other modpacks they feature in the future.
Posted 3rd Oct 2016
Server is hosted by a datacenter renowned for allowing it's clients to DDoS, I was banned for telling people this information as it was classified by the owner and he claimed it was lies.
Posted 18th Jul 2016
Amazing server, very unique and mostly custom, amazing owner, very friendly, willing to do anything he can for you, can have nice conversations with him too ;D. Dont hesotate to join, all their servers are amazing and lag free.
Posted 4th Jul 2016