This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Copypasta tekkit! 24/7 Tekkit server! No lagg!


Running tekkit version 3.1.1, more discribed in How to join.
Wanna join Copypasta Tekkit?
Port is not always needed! try them both, i say. Join the copypasta dynasty community! We offer a great staff, nice players and a new and unexplored map in this new tekkit server. join us today!

=====How to join!=====
our tekkit server is running at version 3.1.2|1.2.5, go to options when tekkit is choosed in your techniclauncher. Always use development builds , while you are there, i suggest adding more RAM if your pc can handle it, so you have less client lag. Tada, you are good to play

======The Rulezzz======
1) No griefing and or stealing. using peoples machine is power stealing!
2) Respect your fellow players and staff members
3) capslock, spamming and being disrespectful is not tolerated here.
4) no x-ray, hacking or hacked clients
5) ???
6) PROFIT!!!
======Added plugins======
Coreprotect - To protect your buildings from any griefs!
mcbans - We know who you are ;)
lwc - Best chest protection avaible!
Permissions-Ex - For easy permission settings
Spamguard - Spamming is not tolerated. it will auto ban you if you spam.
Iconomy - For Good and easy trading!
chestshops - To make trading more easyer and to support markets!
(/warp market)

======Additional Info======
We also have creative for you: RUNNING 1.3.1!!
Hope to see YOU at copypasta
======Contact me======
If you have any questions or if you spotted any grammar failures or typo's, please contact me on my hotmail:

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