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Freedom Craft - Few Banned Items


Ever want freedom on a tekkit server? Well this is the place for you! There are very few banned items. Donating gives you lots of extra perks, while keeping the game fair. Join us today to be free! Lots of plugins. No lag. 3Gb of ram. Hope you have fun! We have only banned items that need to be, so things that bypass anti grief or lags the server.

Don't know tekkit? We are willing to help you learn, and so are the other players, we will welcome you and we hope that you enjoy yourself on our server.

-------------------------------------------------------Banned Items---------------------------------------------------------

Item Loader

Catalytic Lens

Destruction Catalyst

Evertide Amulet

Infernal Armor


Ring of Ignition

Mercurial Eye

Ring of Arcana

Watch of Flowing Time

Volcanite Amulet



Nova Cataclysm

Mining Turtle


Wireless Tracker


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