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AusTekkit Classic!


[26 / 08 / 2018] NEW SERVER! 8gig ram, unlimited slots, insane speeds!
[12 / 08 / 2018] Reset: Today 8pm AEST!
[10 / 07 / 2018] New server! Few banned items! Mature owner!

About Me

I guess i'm just a class-y guy? I'll stop.

My name is Drew, I am 28, and i'm an alcoho... oh, wrong group. I'm a tekkit classic lover. I could ramble on about myself all day, but I suppose you'd like the server details, hey?

Q&A Time

So, why tekkit classic? Hell, why tekkit at all?
well, imaginary person, I have chosen to make a tekkit classic server for two(2) main reasons.

  1. I love tekkit classic... I really do, it's fun, it's easy, it's amazing. Kinda like me, self-five! (insert epic sadness)

  2. I tried to join an Australian Tekkit server, and to my surprise, there was none. Well there was one, but you couldn't join and it looked like it had been there a while.

Oh ok, how much RAM is on the server though? You know tekkit requires a lot?
An excellent question again! Yes I am aware tekkit servers require quite a lot of Random Access Memory (Awkward Sexy Voice: Ladies). I currently am running it with 2 gigs of ram, as I have only just created it. I am more than happy to upgrade when people start complaining about lag, whether that will be in 2 days, or 50 years.

You sound like an amazing server owner, how do you do it?
Steroids, and crack cocaine! (Not really!) But seriously, I hardly sleep.

Do you have a day job? Why don't you sleep?
Gosh, now we are getting into the serious questions my imaginary friend! Well it all started 15 years ago, when... (Am I old enough to say "when dinosaurs roamed the earth"?)
That aside, yes I do have a casual day job. The reason I don't sleep is because I don't like sleeping, weird right? I get minimal sleep, and I seem to be functioning quite ecstatically (yes, that was a joke, deal with it! I'm tired...)

Love it Good pingvfor oceania never seen before ty
Posted 19th Aug 2018
Server doesn't have too many resources available, but the community is bustling and fairly friendly. Would recommend.
Posted 9th Aug 2018
Great server, it's friendly and efficient enough for a new server.
Yeah mass amounts of EMC farms are disabled, but the reason the user above me was banned was because him and his brothers griefed as much as they could in retaliation to them being ask to stop their farms.
Posted 25th Jul 2018
The server owner is hosting out of his mums basement or something. has about 2gb dedicated to the server and the worst up rate i have ever seen.

cause of this 4 people on the server running blaze rod emc farms crashed the server. The owner came on and saw these farms and banned them down to 2 per person. When people started to complain, as this is a key part of tekkit classic, he just banned his whole server base (perm ban) in 1 night.

Dont play on this server it is a sure fire way for a bad time.
Posted 24th Jul 2018