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American Dream Roleplay

American Dream Roleplay | Tekkit Legends |


Welcome to American Dream Roleplay's Minecraft Server! We have specialized in running fivem servers and have decided to branch out to minecraft.

This server is running thermos/cauldron with tons of plugins but nothing unnecessary that'll take up performance and keep you from enjoying your stay.

The server is ran off a dedicated box and has protections methods to make sure that the server stays up 24/7 so you don't have to miss out on any play time!

Current Mod Pack Installed is Tekkit Legends version 1.7.10 Latest Build

We offer Factions Support, Jobs, Custom Shops, Player Owned Shops, Minimal Banned Items, Economy Support, Chest/Door Locking.

Server Rules:
No toxicity or racism in chat
Be kind and respectful of others
No abusing of game glitches or exploits
No cheats or modded clients
No server advertising
No Griefing

In the end of things were all here to enjoy our time playing minecraft together on tekkit and dont forget to enjoy your stay!

Server IP:

Can't join, "End of Stream"
Posted 6th Jul 2019